Picnic finger sandwiches
Delicious and easy mini finger snack sandwiches for road trips or picnics. Old family recipe (circa 1930's).

Easy quick recipe to make any type of white sauce. Add your favorite ingredients.

Mexican Chocolate

Ruben Ortega, of Hugo's Restaurant in Houston, Texas, shows you how to make Mexican chocolate. Perfect for hot chocolate and mole, it's a deep, pure flavor that's undeniably Mexican.

Not overly sweet but delicious and fluffy chocolaty chocolate cake. 4 layers of goodness.
Sorbet made with the black Zapote
Spaghetti alla carbonara only has 4 ingredients and is ready to eat in the time it takes to cook the spaghetti.
tortilla espanola

You need yellow potatoes, yellow onions, eggs, salt, olive oil, and salt. A saute pan, a deep pan (stockpot), and a wide plate, wider than the saute pan to turn the tortilla --this is actually the most challenging step.

Preparing the Au Jus from Oxtails and Vegetables

This recipe is an adaptation from Kenji Lopez Alt's book The Food Lab for the Prime Rib. Here is that Serve with our recipe..

From "Elements of Life": A single bite of mieng salmon displays Thai ingenuity in creating a dish with perfectly balanced taste and flavor. Bitter endive and spicy ginger and onion answer your Fire element's requirements. Sour lime and tart apple acknowledge the presence of nature's Water element...
Smoked Oysters Dip

Favorite cream cheese dip at parties specially if served with Ritz crackers. The smokiness of the oysters goes very well with cream cheese making this dip irresistible.

Wiener Schnitzel (Breaded Veal Cutlets)

From Wikipedia: "Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish consisting of an escalope coated in breadcrumbs and fried. It is a popular part of Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

This is a classic soup I had at The Fishery in San Diego, where chef Paul Arias used to work. We will miss your tostadas Paul!

Best Salmon Marinade

Put fennel seeds in coffee grinder and pulse to chop roughly. Mix with rest of dry ingredients.

Braised Pork Carnitas and Tacos

We have made these carnitas many times and always with the same result. They are tender and delicious and a healthier alternative to the traditional fried carnitas. If you want them a little crispier, broil them on high for a few minutes only so they do not dry up...

This is one of our favorite tarts - tart meaning not too sweet. And that is where the lavender honey comes in, in case you want it a little sweeter. Such a refreshing treat. Enjoy!
Thai Cole Slaw Salad

Delicious and refreshing vegetable salad to have on its own or to go with any dish.

Mexican Seafood Soup - Caldo de Mariscos (a la mexicana)

This is very close to the typical Mexican Sopa de Mariscos. A classic nutritious dish full of vitamins and minerals that is served as a main course.


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