Cool, creamy, tangy, and full of chunky blue cheese crumbles.

Preparing the Au Jus from Oxtails and Vegetables

This recipe is an adaptation from Kenji Lopez Alt's book The Food Lab for the Prime Rib. Here is that Serve with our recipe..

Sliced slabs of juicy Prime Rib

We make this bone in Prime Rib for Christmas or New Year. I personally love Prime Rib. There is something about the tender and juicy eye, crispy fatty crust and saltiness of Prime Rib. The fat factor, the au-jus, pure umami, mallard, deliciousness that all meat...

Box Bread

This is an adaptation from variation 2 from Peter Reinhart's - The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I sometimes bake this bread to have at home instead of buying box bread. I use un-hulled sesame seeds for garnish over the egg wash.

Adapted from "The Great Book of Ribs", by Teri Sandison.

Super easy to make, super delicious! --don't skimp on the butter!

Stuffed Salmon

Delicious and simple recipe when you have cooked shrimp and salmon!

Spinach Quiche

Made with heavy cream and Gruyère, this rich spinach quiche is classic French.

This arroz con leche is an adaptation of my grandmother's who added the rind of a lime to provide a bit of acidity against the sugar and milk.

Shepherd's Pie

Twist on the classic, we liked using "Beyond Beef" to substitute ground beef.

20 cookies. The traditional recipe has an extra dip in coconut but we believe the cookies do not benefit in flavor or texture from this additional step.

I like these sometimes since oatmeal cookies tend to get too hard. Not sure where I got this recipe from.

Taken from King Arthur Flower's website -- Link below: Made partially from coconut flour, this delicious cake is pound cake-like in texture, and packed full of flavor and protein. Frosted with a light-as-air whipped mascarpone cream, it's a great dessert for any...

Genovese Pesto Recipe

We use our own basil grown in our garden. We got the seeds from Baker Creek. This basil is incredibly aromatic and spicy and makes the best pesto I've ever tasted. Link in the description below. Whichever way you go with this make sure you use enough olive oil to...

Best Salmon Marinade

Put fennel seeds in coffee grinder and pulse to chop roughly. Mix with rest of dry ingredients.

Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds

Good mis en place will make this an easy recipe to follow. You can use a dutch oven instead of Tagine.
I recommend removing the skin from the chicken and making sure to remove and clean any blood or gibblets as it will "brown speckle" the dish.



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