Miso Glazed Black Cod

This is a simple and delicious recipe that takes black cod to the next level in flavor. It completely cures the fish from any fish taste and makes it sweet and delicious with complex flavors of miso that extend the flavors of any vegetables and grains server with...

Enchiladas Verdes
From Rick Bayless: "Here is a recipe for the classic Mexican enchiladas, the ones that combine a flavor that is traditionally tart and piquant with the mealy meatiness of corn tortillas, the tenderness of chicken and a sharp, salty adornment of aged Mexican cheese. They’re rolled up and sauced in...
Arroz Rojo Mexicano - Mexican Red Rice
This is the typical red rice you get with Mexican food but served right after it is made it is simply delicious.
Wiener Schnitzel (Breaded Veal Cutlets)

From Wikipedia: "Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish consisting of an escalope coated in breadcrumbs and fried. It is a popular part of Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

Spinach Quiche

Made with heavy cream and Gruyère, this rich spinach quiche is classic French.

Corn smut (Ustilago maydis) is a pathogenic plant fungus that causes smut disease on maize and teosinte (Euchlena mexicana). The fungus forms galls on all above-ground parts of corn species, and is known in Mexico as huitlacoche; it is eaten, usually as a filling, in quesadillas and other tortilla-...
These are typical Chilaquiles from Guadalajara Jalisco.
tortilla espanola

You need yellow potatoes, yellow onions, eggs, salt, olive oil, and salt. A saute pan, a deep pan (stockpot), and a wide plate, wider than the saute pan to turn the tortilla --this is actually the most challenging step.

Pizza Dough With Sourdough Starter

This is a no yeast pizza dough. Yield: Dough for 4 12-inch pizzas or 5 9-inch pizzas.


This is a simple and easy recipe, easy cleanup and serves about 3 hungry people.

chicken pot pie
From "Cook Your Meals the Lazy Way": This recipe relies almost entirely on commercial ingredients not least of which is the meat from a rotisserie chicken (or left over chicken meat from another dish), and yet the result is utterly delicious. You'll need a powdered biscuit mix (such as Bisquick) to...

Adapted from "The Great Book of Ribs", by Teri Sandison.

Basic recipe for Belgian waffles.
Wonderful egg casserole that captures the essence of the country breakfast, sausage, biscuits and eggs.
Pescado a la Sal

Place the fish over a bed of salt and cover completely with salt. Set oven to 450 F and bake 25 min per 2 kg.

Box Bread

This is variation 2 from Peter Reinhart's - The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I regularly bake this bread to have at home instead of buying box bread. I use un-hulled sesame seeds for garnish over the egg wash.

Tomatillo Sauce

Here is an adapted recipe from Sunset Magazine that gives a twist to the classic tomatillo sauce. We make this sauce more traditional with important modifications.

Spaghetti alla carbonara only has 4 ingredients and is ready to eat in the time it takes to cook the spaghetti.
These are classic Mexican cupcakes in the shape of a cut cone, covered with apricot marmalade and mini sugar pills. The name probably comes from the mercenary soldier Giuseppe Garibaldi who...
Halibut Fillet
Poaching fish in olive oil gives it a luxe texture. Don't think the fish is going to be oily or greasy as a result because it's not. In fact, poaching --the gentlest form of cooking-- gives the fish a terrific, clean flavor. Halibut is fairly bland, so it needs the flavor intensity that the beets...


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