Roasted Beets
Roasted beets are delicious and easy to make. They go well with salads, meat, and alone as a quick snack. Just add a little olive oil, salt and a squeeze of lemon.
A modern full meal take on this Italian classic!
Moussaka eggplant meat tomato sauce olives greek dish
Moussaka is an eggplant based dish of the Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The best known variation outside the region is the Greek one.

Cool, creamy, tangy, and full of chunky blue cheese crumbles.

Tomatillo Sauce

Here is an adapted recipe from Sunset Magazine that gives a twist to the classic tomatillo sauce. We make this sauce more traditional with important modifications.

These were the traditional empanadas cooked for Christmas and New Year.
Wiener Schnitzel (Breaded Veal Cutlets)

From Wikipedia: "Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish consisting of an escalope coated in breadcrumbs and fried. It is a popular part of Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

Smoked Oysters Dip

Favorite cream cheese dip at parties specially if served with Ritz crackers. The smokiness of the oysters goes very well with cream cheese making this dip irresistible.

20 cookies. The traditional recipe has an extra dip in coconut but we believe the cookies do not benefit in flavor or texture from this additional step.

This arroz con leche is an adaptation of my grandmother's who added the rind of a lime to provide a bit of acidity against the sugar and milk.

I like these sometimes since oatmeal cookies tend to get too hard. Not sure where I got this recipe from.

Super easy to make, super delicious! --don't skimp on the butter!

Classic and simple Hummus recipe from the Mediterranean
Preparing the Au Jus from Oxtails and Vegetables

This recipe is an adaptation from Kenji Lopez Alt's book The Food Lab for the Prime Rib. Here is that Serve with our recipe..


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