This is a classic soup I had at The Fishery in San Diego, where chef Paul Arias used to work. We will miss your tostadas Paul!
Traditional Mexican bread from Jalisco, commonly used for "tortas ahogadas".
Not overly sweet but delicious and fluffy chocolaty chocolate cake. 4 layers of goodness.
Genovese Pesto Recipe

We use our own basil grown in our garden. We got the seeds from Baker Creek. This basil is incredibly aromatic and spicy and makes the best pesto I've ever tasted. Link in the description below. Whichever way you go with this make sure you use enough olive oil to...

Halibut Fillet
Poaching fish in olive oil gives it a luxe texture. Don't think the fish is going to be oily or greasy as a result because it's not. In fact, poaching --the gentlest form of cooking-- gives the fish a terrific, clean flavor. Halibut is fairly bland, so it needs the flavor intensity that the beets...
Sliced slabs of juicy Prime Rib

We make this bone in Prime Rib for Christmas or New Year. I personally love Prime Rib. There is something about the tender and juicy eye, crispy fatty crust and saltiness of Prime Rib. The fat factor, the au-jus, pure umami, mallard, deliciousness that all meat...

Mexican Seafood Soup - Caldo de Mariscos (a la mexicana)

This is very close to the typical Mexican Sopa de Mariscos. A classic nutritious dish full of vitamins and minerals that is served as a main course.

Sea bass is incredibly moist and doused in this chive oil infusion its flavors pop out in the most pure and delicious way.
Paella Mixta

Recipe for Paella Mixta. This is a simple dish but make sure your mis en place is perfect and in order or you may forget a step. It moves very fast once you start cooking.

Spanish Fabada (Fabada Asturiana)

Fabada is one of the 3 essential Spanish dishes alongside cocido and paella. This fabada preparation is a variation from the bible of Spanish cooking from Simone Ortega, "Recetas de Cocina". Find a link to buy the book through Amazon below in English or Spanish....

This sauce made with tomatillos, the small green tomatoes that come in a husk, is a classic Mexican sauce used for many dishes including Lengua en Salsa Verde, Carne en Su Jugo, Carnitas Tacos, Huevos Divorciados and many others.
Basic recipe for Belgian waffles.
Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds

This recipe seems simple but because of its many ingredients and prep time ends up taking over 2 hours prep and cook times, however it is well worth it.


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