Prime Rib / Standing Prime Rib Roast

Sliced slabs of juicy Prime Rib

We make this bone in Prime Rib for Christmas or New Year. I personally love Prime Rib. There is something about the tender and juicy eye, crispy fatty crust and saltiness of Prime Rib. The fat factor, the au-jus, pure umami, mallard, deliciousness that all meat lovers crave. I've tried this dish many different ways but the key ingredient besides the cooking method has to be the Lawry's Seasoned Salt and Pepper.


Box Bread, Dinner Rolls, and Buns

Box Bread

This is an adaptation from variation 2 from Peter Reinhart's - The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I sometimes bake this bread to have at home instead of buying box bread. I use un-hulled sesame seeds for garnish over the egg wash.

This is a super easy recipe and very forgiving in the margin of dough consistency. Use a kitchen scale and a Kitchenaid.


Best Salmon Marinade

Best Salmon Marinade

Put fennel seeds in coffee grinder and pulse to chop roughly. Mix with rest of dry ingredients.

Rinse and dry the salmon filet, drizzle and rub olive oil on top and bottom. Add salt and pepper to taste, grind lemon peel over salmon filet and sprinkle the marinade to cover the fish. Let rest for at least 30 minutes before cooking. You may pan-fry, just be careful to not burn marinade on the fish.


Grilled Salmon Skewers With Peanut Sauce

Salmon skewers with peanut sauce

If you like salmon like we do you are probably looking for alternative ways to cook it. Well here is a tasty twist on the chicken satay with ingredients you can probably find in your pantry. This is an adaptation of 2 recipes we found online from 2 creative recipes which we link to below. Feel free to try your own experiments. This dish goes very well over a simple with white rice.


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