Wild Atlantic Salmon Carpaccio Ceviche

Wild Atlantic Salmon Carpaccio Ceviche

If you love salmon season but are tired of the same preparations or are in the mood for something fresh, you will want to give this delicious recipe a try. The secret to this recipe is finding fresh wild Atlantic salmon and slicing the salmon very thin and against the grain. It also helps if you have a mandolin and that you use it to slice the vegetables very thin, about 1/8 of an inch.


Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken

This is an adapted version of Rotisserie Chicken from We've tried many-a-rotisserie-chickens and were always wary of the "chicken spices" because of all of the chemicals and artificial flavors. Use salt and pepper and get a bland chicken.


Tortilla Española de Patatas

tortilla espanola

You need yellow potatoes, yellow onions, eggs, salt, olive oil, and salt. A saute pan, a deep pan (stockpot), and a wide plate, wider than the saute pan to turn the tortilla --this is actually the most challenging step. Depending on size of the nonstick saute pan you want to use, measure how many whole potatoes will fit in the pan. Then use about a 1:4 ratio of onions to potatoes. Set the saute pan aside. You will use this later.


Enchiladas Verdes - Adapted from Rick Bayless

From Rick Bayless: "Here is a recipe for the classic Mexican enchiladas, the ones that combine a flavor that is traditionally tart and piquant with the mealy meatiness of corn tortillas, the tenderness of chicken and a sharp, salty adornment of aged Mexican cheese. They’re rolled up and sauced in cafeterías (especially the new, bright chain restaurants) everywhere—and with above-average fervor in the heartland sections of Central and West-Central Mexico. They’re simple to make, easy to enjoy and attractively filling.

Enchiladas Verdes

Mieng Salmon

From "Elements of Life": A single bite of mieng salmon displays Thai ingenuity in creating a dish with perfectly balanced taste and flavor. Bitter endive and spicy ginger and onion answer your Fire element's requirements. Sour lime and tart apple acknowledge the presence of nature's Water element during the evening hours. Buttery peanut nurtures the Earth element within you.


Huitlacoche for tacos or quesadillas

Corn smut (Ustilago maydis) is a pathogenic plant fungus that causes smut disease on maize and teosinte (Euchlena mexicana). The fungus forms galls on all above-ground parts of corn species, and is known in Mexico as huitlacoche; it is eaten, usually as a filling, in quesadillas and other tortilla-based foods, and soups.

This is a basic but delicious recipe

Stove-Top Popcorn!

You don't need a microwave oven to make good popcorn just fresh corn kernels, the right pan, oil and your stove. Popping kernels on the stove is more fun and exciting!

Popcorn Kernels


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